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Corporate Concierge Services

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundThere is a growing need for Corporate Concierge Services for many reasons. The corporate world is a stressful world. Everyone needs to be at the top of their game every day and sometimes that can be difficult when they have a million personal chores on their minds. Your employees will be less stressed and more productive if they know they can get help with the little things that take up so much time.    
• 92% of employees admit to taking personal or sick days for errands • 75% of employees take care of personal business while on the job • 36% say that they take care of personal responsibilities at work daily • In 2000, 26 of Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" offered personal concierge services versus 15 companies in 1998 • 78% of couples both work • Time stress is the highest among married men and women aged 25 to 44 who have children and hold full-time jobs • Weekends are consumed by errands and housekeeping • Less stress = less sick days • Competitive edge when competing for top-notch employees • Manage employee distractions • More productivity    
Our job at C and D Concierge is to find solutions to your task-planning-problems in a cost effective manner. Call us today and let us custom design a package that works for your business. 434-305-5101.    
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