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Personal Care


Senior Assistance

Old womanDo you know the difference between a senior being able to stay in their own home and having to stay in an assisted-living facility? Sometimes the answer is as simple as changing a light bulb. And who do you call? If your loved one doesn't need a nurse, why hire and pay those high prices for nursing assistance? We can assist in many areas of care.
We tailor everything for you. For example, we received a call from a gentleman who wanted us to check in on his mother while he took a bike trip in California. She was not pleased with the idea of "strangers" checking on her. She insisted she didn't need any babysitters. We developed a plan that was comfortable for her and her son.
Sometimes you need help with daily tasks. If you're sick or injured, or just have a tough time getting around. You may need companionship, a ride, or just a helping hand. C and D can help. Give us a call at 434-305-5101.

UVA Student Assistance

  Students have very busy lifestyles, and studying should be their FIRST priority. If you're a parent of a UVA student, you may be concerned that your child needs things that you're too far away to help with. C and D Concierge is here to help. Parents of UVA students have called us to get their children groceries, take care of car repairs, or even pick up prescriptions and chicken soup when they're sick.
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