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Hi, my name is Pat. I’m a widow. I live alone and I work a full time job. Sometimes I need a little help to get things done. C&D Concierge has been that help. They have installed a ceiling fan in my apartment, helped me hang pictures and curtains, hooked up my new computer, taken my car to get it inspected and even gone to the DMV to sit in that long line to get the tags for my car. I don’t know what I would have done with them. They are affordable for someone like me on a fixed income.

My name is Vicki. I live at the Independence, a senior living community. Last June, I had to have knee replacement surgery and was facing a long rehab. C&D Concierge allowed me to recover at home instead of in a nursing home. They came in and fed Max, my cat, straightened the house, did my grocery shopping and also helped me with my rehab exercises every day. Thanks to them, I was able to maintain my independent lifestyle. Now that I've completely recovered, there are still things that I don't always feel like doing, and C&D Concierge is always there just a phone call away when I need them, ready to give me a hand.

C and D services has been an enormous help to us for kitty sitting, transportation to trains and pick-ups, house repair and even heavy hauling of a TV. Debbie and Cathy are highly reliable and capable and do superior work. And they're two people who are nice to know. I am so relieved not to have to look for someone, sometimes kids I don't know well, to feed and tend to my cats and look after the house when we're away. I'm confident they could handle any eventuality that might occur. Their rates are always fair. They provide a much needed service and I hope they will be doing this in Charlottesville for a long time. We're so lucky to have them here.  -Nancy Garlick

I would never have survived graduate school without Cathy and Debbie!  I discovered these wonderful ladies through a small ad in the Cville Weekly and it has been life changing.   They are true animal lovers (and dog whisperers!) and care for my dog like he is their own. They can solve any house/car/life problem that comes your way.  There is no task too big, small, or tedious for them.  In addition, you could not ask for two kinder, more generous people.  They have become our second Charlottesville family and I would recommend them to anyone.